Greetings Folks!

Two things.

First thing, I’m sorry that I forgot to post the new address in my last post announcing our move. The address for the new location will be 8900 N. Wall Ave. in North Portland. We will be open at that location after May 2nd.


Second thing, we will be having a moving sale from April 15-21. Come in and grab  books before they’re gone.

After fourteen wonderful years on the campus of Multnomah University, Windows Booksellers is having to move in order to free up space for the Student Life Department to utilize in order to enhance the student experience at Multnomah.

We are sad to go, but leave with a deep sense of gratitude for our experience at Multnomah. We could site numerous examples where we experienced both generosity and graciousness from the Multnomah community. To our friends at Multnomah we want to say thank you for letting us be a part of your community … we are certainly the better for it and we hope that we have made a positive contribution in some way.

We certainly hope that all of you, our fantastic customers, will join us May 2, at the new location. In the meantime, come by and see us while we remain at Multnomah deep into April. Everyone like the words "MOVING SALE," right?

October 26th – 31st

We have about 1,000 books available from recent lot purchases that do not have a place in our inventory, but may still have a place in your library. In some cases, they are excellent books in good condition that are simply too common to be worth the time to catalog them. In other cases, there are some quite hard to find books that are simply too rough in condition to place on our shelves. In either case, the paperbacks are $1 and the hardcovers are $2.

Additionally, all used books will be 20% off the stated price, including a very large Inklings collection recently acquired (i.e., C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Charles Williams, Owen Barfield, as well as G.K. Chesterton and Dorothy Sayers – a little George MacDonald, too!).

Come have a look!

Cast Off Sale October 2015

Rose City Use Book Fair, June 14-15, 2013

Windows Booksellers will be displaying books again at this year’s Rose City Used Book Fair. The book fair is an annual event bringing together book dealers from all over the Pacific Northwest to one location for two days.

When: this weekend, June 14-15, Friday 2 pm-8 pm & Saturday 10 am-5pm.

Location: DoubleTree Hotel @ 1000 NE Multnomah, near the Lloyd Center.

Stop by and say hello!


Here is info at the RCUBF Facebook page:

Here is info at the PAUBA web site with a list and map of exhibitors: http://www.pauba.org/book-fair.php


Gosling Bookstores

Windows Booksellers

has begun!

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The sale runs from

Monday, Feb. 25th
Saturday, March 2nd

Contrary to a previous misprinted announcement

it does not begin on Feb. 28! 

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Come in and take advantage of

50% off ALL USED BOOKS in-store stock

All books under $5 are buy one, get one free.
A great selection, including many $1 mass market paperbacks.

This is an in-store sale of Contemporary and Classic Devotional Liturature, Theology, Biblical Studies, Church History, Preaching Resources, Ministry Resources, Marriage & Family, Christian Living, Reference, Biblical Languages, and Bibles

Store Hours

Monday thru Friday – 10am to 5pm

Saturday – Noon to 4pm


Over at Catalyst Online, Joel B. Green makes his recommendations of commentaries for Matthew-Acts studies. Check it out HERE.